• The secret of the hit is
    “A wide selection of overseas
    apparel and miscellaneous
    goods not available in Japan!”
    4 times sales in 1 year
    after opening the store!

How to increase the sales

 We aimed to get new customers by utilizing RPP advertising, point scaling and providing coupon.
 It's also important to have the number of repeaters in order to increase sales.
 Therefore, we were able to connect to repeat purchases by sending coupons can be used at the next purchase to buyers.
 Japan has four seasons, so we focused on getting popular products in each season.


What's the store's strength?


 We offer apparel and miscellaneous goods which are not available in Japan at reasonable prices.
 In addition, we are updating and stocking nearly 50 million items every day, so we have the products you want in a timely manner.
 As much as the seller's face cannot be seen through online sales, We are trying our best to understand the customer's requirement carefully as we are online seller.

What's the future goal for now?

 Deivery term is longer compared to domestic delivery in Japan since our products are shipped from overseas,so we will try to cut the delivery time with the current price.


Shop information


Products:Brand goods・Riding equipment