Before launch
I don't have a branch office in Japan. Can I still open my online store? We will apply for a store account for each mall, so even those who do not have a physical store in Japan can open an online store.
I have already opened a store. Can I still use your services without opening a store through your company? Yes. The services listed in Key Services are solution proposals, so you can choose only the services that suit your needs. (For more information, please see the Key Services page.)
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Can I use this service even though I have no experience in creating websites? We can create the front page of your online store, and we can also create the product pages as an optional service.
What is the minimum contract period? The minimum contract period is basically one year, and it is renewed automatically.
I don't have anyone on my staff who speaks Japanese. Is that okay? We can provide support in English, Korean and Chinese. You can also rest assured that we have an experienced customer support team.
What is the initial cost? The initial cost is about 250,000 yen, but it will vary depending on your company's situation.
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After I apply for this service, how long will it take before I can start to sell products? The store can be open for sales about 8 to 10 weeks after the contract.
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Can you help me find a warehouse in Japan? Please feel free to ask for help in this matter, since we have a distribution center as well as partner companies.
How often do you transfer the sales amount? Basically, the sales amount is transferred once a month. If you would prefer transfers to be twice a month or more, please contact us.
What commission do you charge if the sales are low? The minimum charge will be applied in the case of low sales.
After launch