Before launch

AOur company will apply a store account for you, so you can open a store even if you do not have a real store in Japan.

AWe will create front page for you, and the product page can be created by us as the optional service.

AOne year, and shall be automatically renewed for successive one year extension periods unless terminated by either parties by giving written notice of termination to the other at least thirty 90 days in advance .

AOur staff who can speak English, Korean and Chinese will help you.

AIt costs about JPY250K to our company besides Rakuten monthly fee.

AIt can be opened approximately 8 to 10 weeks after the contract is signed.

APlease contact us.click here

ASales in N month will be transferred from us in N + 2 months.
(Remittance date: within 3working days from 15th of every month)

AMinimum monthly commission fee will be applied.

After launch

AWe advise of how to create it, but uploading/updating product page is your task.

AYou can directly contact to Rakuten EC consultant for the detailed information about promotion such like CPC, advertisement.

AVarious data can be checked using RMS provided by Rakuten Ichiba.